Johnnys Auto - Johnny's Auto Sales in CO is most deceptive car dealership I've ever seen!!!

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Johnny's Auto Sales in CO has deceptive sales practices and a horrible "service department'!!! DO NOT do business with this shady business, you'll be sorry you did!!!

I traveled a state away after talking on the phone for a couple of weeks with one of their salesman. He assured all kinds of stuff, including that the 2004 Denali was in working order and had not been in any accidents. After purchasing, I started finding all kinds of malfunctions and problems...and learned from CarFax a few months later that it had been in two accidents! Oh yeah, the tranny went out the second week I had it.

- horn didnt work

-heated seats dont work ear wiper doesnt work

-AC didnt work

-tire pressure monitors didnt work

Review about: 2004 Yukon Denali.

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